Brit Butt Light 2019


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Hi Lee and the all important Rally team.
Many thanks for an excellent and well organized Rally.
Well done to all the finishers, 29 out 29 in, good result.
Ride safe
Regards Bob


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Thank you Lee and family and Bob for all you hard work. Really enjoyed this one and the cake after.
Good to see some new faces and a good overall turnout.

Safari Ferg

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Many thanks for a great Rally and outstanding support team. I got a chance to see parts of GB not ridden before, improve my Rally planning, meet existing IBA friends and make new ones; I had a lovely ride today through the Yorkshire Dales and Dumfries/Galloway to the ferry in Cairnryan via Girvan to meet my sister for lunch (she is normally resident in the USA and was visiting a daughter in Glasgow).
A great weekend, I will hopefully get to the Jorvik, now that the date has changed.

Kim Leeson

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Lee and your team did an amazing job!
Bob S we need to talk to, maybe an intervention is needed!...way too many crumpled up pages on the floor...does he have issues we need to discuss?? :rolleyes: just kidding Bob, great effort...thank you, everyone, thoroughly enjoyed it.
Thanks Kim, Sean and John.

A little bit of human error and crossed wires came in at the end of scoring there - all part of the continual learning curve.
Brilliant day out and very well organised. Thanks to Lee and the team, although all the crumpled paper on the floor must have presented some form of fire hazard :). I must have the bug as now planning my route for the Saddlesore 1000... Scotland here I come.