Brit Butt Tour 2016

Kim Leeson

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Hello fellow BBTourers,
Finally got going last week, here's my entry's so far...
Hopefully they are accceptable...My flag at 62, 4A & 4B is small, but I chose yesterday Sunday, May 1st and London was manic, challenging and hot.
I asked a drinker at the Sherlock Holmes to hold my Flag as it was quite busy, not a happy chap but gladly obliged, I said it was for charity. :)

52 Orford Castle, Suffolk
. 52 Orford Castle Suffolk (360x640).jpg

19 Triumph, Watton, Norfolk
19 Triumph Watton Notfolk (640x360).jpg

33 Memorial, Mundford, Norfolk
33 Memorial Mundford Norfolk (360x640).jpg

51 Statue of Nelson, Grantham, Lincs
51 statue Nelson Grantham Lincs (360x640).jpg

62 House with Sculpture, Hatfield, Herts. (must try harder with the flag)
62 House with Sculture Hatfiels Herts (640x360).jpg

22 Big Cats, Edgware,. London
22 Big Cats Edgware (640x360).jpg

4A Hancocks, London
4A Hancocks (360x640).jpg

4B Hancocks, London (22 above the tankbag, sorry)
4B Hancocks (360x640).jpg

55 Sherlock Holmes Pub, London (wasn't happy, but obliged...hope this is allowed)
55 Sherlock Holmes London (640x360).jpg

67 Blue Plaque, Peckham, London
67 Blue Plaque Peckham (640x360).jpg
The sun was shining on Saturday and I had some panniers to collect, so took the scenic route there and back.

Collected Triumph Croydon:

And Brands Hatch:

Before picking up some VERY yellow panniers:

Lovely morning's ride :)

Kim Leeson

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Don't know what happened to my captions but...
54 Battle of Britain, Folkestone
41 Brands Hatch, Kent
61 Triumph, Ashford
72 Triumph, Pulborough


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They have come though a bit messy but here a few and a few missed if you have a bonus site from the BBT 2016 you would like to see I think I will have it so let me know and I will do my best to post it.
1 Number 12 Stagecoach North Wales
2 Number 17 JOG Hotel
3 Number 11 The Fountain Tomintoul
4 Number 44 Corsewall Lighthouse Stranraer
5 Number 27 The Needles Isle of Wight

Take Care All and have a great Summer riding JC.


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Well done Coxy you sly old dog.
Once again first with every bonus location.
And they don't look photo shoped at all.:D


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I like the way you purposely posted select photos from opposite ends and corners of the country John :D

I'm sure this isn't at all to wind up Gordon :rolleyes: ;)


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John, well done on your ride. Congrats on the photos. especially the yellow stage coach:rolleyes:.

I've had to have a break, 'cos the weather is too good for long distance riding:confused: I'm waiting for the rain/snow in October :D
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Well it's been done John Cox as visited all the checkpoints well DONE......................................
Now for us normal people. I've managed to visit 3 checkpoints that a first.

1 Barry Coleman 19
2 Philip Wellman 0
3 John Theobald 0
4 Gordon Sears 48
5 John Cunniffe 1
6 Chris Butler 13
7 Jack Caldwell 0
8 Keith Langridge 1
9 Dave Thomson 6
10 Graham Lindley 0
11 Thomas Wendt 0
12 Foster Smith 0
13 Roland Fenwick 0
14 John Cox 90
15 Thomas 0
16 Dave Craddock 0
17 Debi Devine 0
18 Steve Kirk 0
19 Wulstan Melling 3
64 Philip Weston 0
20 Alan Thimbleby 6
21 Mark Bates 8
22 Kim Leeson 14
23 Nigel Smith 2

If any problems email me at [email protected]

Can I please just add when you send your picture please tell me the checkpoint numbers it just makes it easier to check, saves time looking at every checkpoint.

And once again "WELL DONE JOHN COX" If my memory is correct he was the first to complete all the chckpoints last year.


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I've got to retire. Its the only way I'll be able to keep up with Coxy....... Well done mate.
Just over half way :) but still 42 locations to visit :confused:
Will it ever end :mad::(

Oh yes, 5 months gone and 5 to go till the end of this self imposed torture.
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May already and that's me just getting going. So much for some BBR practice. Took the photo's during today's run through the north of Wales, but the pictures are all bigger than 1MB. What am I doing wrong?


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Got 4 photos today on the way up to The Truck Stop. Unfortunately I didn't get there as the clutch decided it didn't want to play anymore.
Got to see the Captain of the Titanic (No 3) before all came to a halt at Muckley Corner at 08:43.

Eventually picked up by recovery at 13:45 and home by 19:00.