Brit Butt Tour 2017

Just been out on the bike on Saturday 21st and got the following numbers 11,14,18,22,39,42,55,76,78,80,81,88 must work this down sizing photos so I can attach


Mr Brit Butt Tour
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Ha could be only got the old bike till 1st March so need to get some mileage on her.
All been well see you on the 14th may go straight to Moreton Lake


Brit Butt Tour Admin.
Alright then below the current standings.
After a slow start John Cox is rapidly visiting checkpoints, Gordon Sears and Martin Grafton have made a steady start but Robert Hook sprinted of like Husain bolt.

The question I want answered is what will Debi Devine wear for this years Tour?

1 John Cox 17
2 Robert Hook 25
3 Martin Grafton 20
4 John Morning 0
5 Gordon Sears 19
6 Kim Leeson 0
7 John Cunniffe 0
8 Graeme Dawson 0
9 Martin Buck 0
10 Neil Smith 0
11 Dave Thomson 0
12 Neil Frost 0
13 0
14 Wulstan Melling 4
15 Debi Devine 0
16 Steve Kirk 0