Brit Butt Tour 2017

Discussion in 'UK Rides' started by FazerPhil, Dec 30, 2016.

  1. FJRPilot

    FJRPilot Iceni Rallymaster RBLR1000 routemaster Premier Member IBA Member

    A nice little bit of off-roading to get to Dover lighthouse ;)
  2. Coxy

    Coxy Mr Brit Butt Tour IBA Member

    Nice day in the P
  3. Coxy

    Coxy Mr Brit Butt Tour IBA Member

    Don't know what happened above tried to say nice day in the Peak District with a picture in the sun of The Knights Table Buxton
    But hy ho you get a picture of Potter Heigham Bridge
    Think I will go for a pint JC.
  4. wully

    wully Brit Butt Tour Admin.

    Firstly I need to apologise in the delay up dating the current standings. I have been feeling a little sorry for myself, I was coming to the the European RTE from work, unfortunately less then an hour before leaving work I managed to break my left hand in two places, so currently my hands in plaster.
    So yet again my IBAUK luck strikes again.

    If you have issues please email me.

    1 John Cox 34
    2 Robert Hook 36
    3 Martin Grafton 25
    4 John Morning 0
    5 Gordon Sears 19
    6 Kim Leeson 0
    7 John Cunniffe 0
    8 Graeme Dawson 0
    9 Martin Buck 0
    10 Neil Smith 0
    11 Dave Thomson 0
    12 Neil Frost 4
    13 0
    14 Wulstan Melling 4
    15 Debi Devine 0
    16 Steve Kirk 0
    17 Chris Butler 0
  5. Martex

    Martex Member

    Myself and Rob Hook had a great weekend. Picked up every location North of Manchester,
    and a few in between. (37)
    Highlights, 1. Slight navigational error while looking for petrol in the Lake district,
    leading to crossing the Wrynose and Hardnott Passes in the snow.
    2. For our first night in the Britt Butt Hotel. We should not of chosen Inverness on 3rd March. Stuck it for 2 hours. BButtHotel_1024x768.JPG Brrrrr
    3. The road to the Glenelg Ferry Shop was just like the Alps...Even down to the snow!!
    4. 2285 miles door to door
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  6. JON12A

    JON12A IBA Member

    Well done lads !
    At this time of year that's impressive. You cant have many left and its only early March.
  7. Coxy

    Coxy Mr Brit Butt Tour IBA Member

    Wow ee I am impressed that's great I did laugh about the Hardnott and Wrynose I think twice in Summer if its a bit damp.
    Well Done again just brilliant. JC.
  8. Megabuck

    Megabuck IBA Member

    Finally got off the mark...

    03 - Triumph Memorial, Meriden

    73 - George Hotel, Stamford

    89 - Jaspers Coffee Shop, Market Bosworth

    Got to Jaspers at 4:40 on Saturday afternoon, looking forward to coffee and cake. Alas, it was shut. Oh well...

  9. Megabuck

    Megabuck IBA Member

    A few more bagged. In ascending numerical order...
    32 - Neenton Church

    47 - Stone cross, Ludlow

    52 - Indian/Victory Dealer, Bewdley

    53 - Ruins, Waterperry

    77 - Memorial, Tewkesbury

    85 - Llangynidr

  10. Dave Thomson

    Dave Thomson BBR Veteran IBA Member

    Finally off the mark...

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  11. Martex

    Martex Member

    Well after miles and miles of searching, Rob and I have found the elusive number 24.
    It was in Phil's back garden after all!
    BA5 1RQ
    N51 11.177
    W002 41.027 BButtTour24_1024x768.JPG

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