Brit Butt Tour 2019


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Well the Tour has now ended below are the provisional scores. Please check them if you have any issues please email [email protected].
I will be sending the results to Phil on the 7th.
Well done every one hope you had a good seasons riding.

1 Gordon Sears 81
2 Martin Harries 50
3 Jon Parsell 7
4 Kim Leeson 81
5 Sean Sowley 36
6 Michael Smith 81
7 Wulstan Melling 1
8 Pete Brown 53
9 Daz Dilkes 0
10 Bob Badger 81
11 Nina Ferrand 7
12 John Cunniffe 52
13 Andrew Bish 19
14 Graham Lindley 0
15 Peter Howe 20
45 Martin Buck 18
16 Robert Higgs 36
17 Alexander Bentley 51
18 Lee Edwards 5
19 Darren Forster 11

Wully, thanks for your hard work this year. Its much appreciated. I find it time consuming just doing my paperwork, nevermind all the other Tourers.


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Missed the last couple of years, but now i have retired and got a comfey seat I am thinking of giving it another go in 2020.
Any one got the locations and the start date.
Just so I can sit at home on cold wet winter nights and do a bit of route planning in stead of watching crap on TV :p:p


Brit Butt Tour Admin.
No one has questioned their score so i must assume you are happy with your scores.
So I am forwarding them to Phil.

Phil asked if I would nominate a charity for this years Tour. Some of you may be aware that my mother Margret had been ill for a number years, she took serious down turn about 6 weeks ago and died last Friday the 8th. For the last month since being discharged from hospital I and my family were her carers, then last Tuesday she took a dramatic turn for the worst, I stayed with her for her last few days and nights, I would like to thank the Thornton district nurses for there efforts in making my mothers final days as comfortable and dignified as could be possible.
I would also like to thank the Madam Curie Nurses who gave me some respite. So I propose the this years charity is The Madam Curie Nurses.

I hope you agree with my choice.

Kim Leeson

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Sorry for your loss Wully, I recently experienced my mum passing, it's not easy, so credit to you and the nurses for making your mum feel comfortable and dignified.
A lovely choice for the charity, condolences to you and your family.
Hi, Wully, very sorry to read the sad news about your mother, sincere condolences to both yourself and your family. May her soul now rest in peace. A deserving charity and worthy choice.
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