Brit Butt Tour 2019


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No one has questioned their score so i must assume you are happy with your scores.
So I am forwarding them to Phil.

Phil asked if I would nominate a charity for this years Tour. Some of you may be aware that my mother Margret had been ill for a number years, she took serious down turn about 6 weeks ago and died last Friday the 8th. For the last month since being discharged from hospital I and my family were her carers, then last Tuesday she took a dramatic turn for the worst, I stayed with her for her last few days and nights, I would like to thank the Thornton district nurses for there efforts in making my mothers final days as comfortable and dignified as could be possible.
I would also like to thank the Madam Curie Nurses who gave me some respite. So I propose the this years charity is The Madam Curie Nurses.

I hope you agree with my choice.
An excellent choice


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Entry is now open for the 2019 Brit Butt tour which will use the 2018 rally bonuses.
To claim a location take a picture of it with your flag in the picture
This is your chance to have an excuse to ride somewhere.
For the entry fee of £20 you will be sent electronically the 2018 Brit Butt Rally book and bonus locations.
During 2019 you visit as many or as few bonuses as you can.
Every entrant will get a certificate (presented at the start of 2020) recording how many locations they have visited.

Full details can be found on the Iron Butt Association UK website

If you are are going to try any of our rallies for the first time this is a good way to practice routing and timings

When will the entries open for the 2020 Brit Butt tour?


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Good question Mike, I did the rally this year and there's some cracking places to visit so cannot wait to hit road again before starting back to work on new year.
Boys I think you have to wait until the start of the New Year.


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Certificates will be presented at John and Sonia's 1st RTE of the year at Potto Pool.

Entry open for 2020. See new thread