Brit Butt Tour 2020

Yes Dave very windy, the causeway to Holy Island was very tricky, lots of wind blown sand and a large pile of seaweed right across the road.
But very little traffic or tourists......
Ride safe Regards Bob


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Had a bit of a 'mare in Wales. The wind ripped off my flag from Lydney harbour and blew it into the sea along with my rally book pages.
Cutting a long and tragic story short, I ended up buying a Valentine's card to write my number on!
Sydney Harbour is therefore missing my 'flag.'
Oh and Spaceguard was shut. IMG_20200211_103503.jpeg IMG_20200211_114032.jpeg IMG_20200211_130318.jpeg IMG_20200211_135752.jpeg IMG_20200211_151128.jpeg IMG_20200211_163102.jpeg IMG_20200211_165611.jpeg IMG_20200211_175315.jpeg


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Anybody else having trouble sending Wully their photos?
For some reason my email keeps being returned to me as Spam.
Any tips? I've reduced the size of the single photo (above)


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Hi everyone the latest standings are below

Any issues please contact me by email [email protected]
Name No. Total
Peter Brown 1 0
Kim Leeson 2 0
Len Jubb 3 7
Sean Sowley 4 0
Bill Halley 5 0
Darren Forster 6 4
Michael Smith 7 1
Gordon Sears 8 30
Lee Foster 9 0
Ian Speight 10 0
Martin Grafton 11 13
John Cunniffe 12 0
Dave Badcock 14 0
Ewan Fowler 15 0
Steve Westall 16 11
Robert Higgs 17 2
Bob Stammers 18 5
Pete Howe 19 12
Jonathan Baker 20 17
Darran Hart 21 17
Wulstan Melling 22 6
Daryl and Holly Kirk 23 0
Julie Evison 24 0
Bill Peacock 25 0
Martin Buck 45 0
Bob Badger 55 31
Phil Weston 70 23


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With the easing of covid 19 restrictions. We are allowed to go out alone for a ride. To a place to exercise so it is now ok to continue your Brit Butt Tour.
But "stay alert" and consider the following:
1 2 metre social distancing
2 only a day ride
3 only in England
4 take hand gel or use gloves for fuel stops
5 pay at pump
6 when you get home remove outer clothes and wash hands before touching anything at home.
7 Don't forget to exercise when you get there.