Brit Butt Tour 2020

Yes Dave very windy, the causeway to Holy Island was very tricky, lots of wind blown sand and a large pile of seaweed right across the road.
But very little traffic or tourists......
Ride safe Regards Bob


Latvian rider transport!!!!!!
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Had a bit of a 'mare in Wales. The wind ripped off my flag from Lydney harbour and blew it into the sea along with my rally book pages.
Cutting a long and tragic story short, I ended up buying a Valentine's card to write my number on!
Sydney Harbour is therefore missing my 'flag.'
Oh and Spaceguard was shut. IMG_20200211_103503.jpeg IMG_20200211_114032.jpeg IMG_20200211_130318.jpeg IMG_20200211_135752.jpeg IMG_20200211_151128.jpeg IMG_20200211_163102.jpeg IMG_20200211_165611.jpeg IMG_20200211_175315.jpeg