Brit Butt Tour 2020

Kim Leeson

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Wully, you can rest, nearly. Thanks for all your efforts this year and putting up with my lousy photo's again. :eek:

Hopefully you will continue your sterling work next year. We will need somewhere to ride to, when we eventually get out to ride.

Bring on BBT2021 :):):)
Well said Gordon...but one would like to know...seeing as we had no BBR this year, what rally book will we follow for 2021?!?! :rolleyes:


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Hello Wully

Thanks for your efforts in organising the tour.

Will there be another tour next year? If so when will the entries be open.

Stay safe everyone stay well


Brit Butt Tour Admin.
Hi everyone.

The tour officially finished at 12pm on the 31 October, please get any ou standing pictures to me by midnight on the 6th November. The final standings will be published on the 7th November.
I would like to thank everyone for their understanding during what as been a difficult year for all.

With regards next years tour I will be speaking to Phil as to what we will doing.



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Hi All
Well here we are in Lockdown again.
Had a final fling yesterday, rode the Fosse way from Lincoln down to Ilchester, passing thro, Newark, Leicester, High cross, Cirencester, Bath, and Radstock to Ilchester.
What a great day for a Ride out.
Now bored!!
Stay safe
Regards Bob.


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Nice one. I rode the A134 from Colchester - Sudbury - Bury St Edmunds - Thetford - Kings Lynn and back. A 150 miles round trip just enough to scrub in the front tyre fitted for the MOT that morning. Just need to check the battery now as it was a little hesitant and may be on the way out, will see what it looks after 32 hours an the 300 mA charger.


Brit Butt Tour Admin.
Well Gentlemen and ladies the final results of this years Brit Butt Tour.

Screenshot 2020-11-07 090210.png
2020 will be a year remembered for all the wrong reason, but as far as IBAUK is concerned this years tour has been the most successful ever, 9 riders completed all 52 checkpoints well done. The usual suspects of Kim Leeson, Gordon Sears, Martin Buck and Bob Badger visited all the checkpoints but I must point out Daryl and Holly Kirk visited all the checkpoints in one trip well done, may be down to the new bike. Will Holly be doing her CBT soon. But well done to all who completed the rally.
Another record was achieved a total of 777 checkpoints were visited.
The most visited checkpoint with 19 was a tie, 07D Milton Under Wynchwood, 10D Sharpness, 10H Bridge Memorial Lydney Harbour.
I too managed to get out and visited 33 CP's, including a ride where I managed to visit all the Scottish CP's in 2 days.

I have spoken with Phil re next years tour, I think you will enjoy what is being hatched.
Watch this space.



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'including a ride where I managed to visit all the Scottish CP's in 2 days.'
Wully, that was an epic ride. Hats off to the master.

Bated breath, as they say, for next year.
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Thanks, Wully, I had a great time visiting 29 CP's.

Your administration efforts are much appreciated and bik-up on doing the Scottish CP's in 2 days, wow.