Brit Butt Tour 2020


Brit Butt Tour Admin.
Hi everyone, the latest standings are below.

This has to be the most successful Tour to date even I have managed to get out and visit some checkpoints.
The Tour ends end of October so make sure you get your pictures in before the 31 October.

Please check your scores any issues contact me at [email protected]

Ride safe and remember keep the rubber in contact with the tarmac.

Screenshot 2020-09-30 102058.png
Nice big trip around Scotland 2500 mile, some sketchy roads for a 450 kilo Harley 2 up.

king of clubs
9 spades
2 diamond
jack clubs
jack spades
8 clubs
queen spades
9 clubs
7 spades
7 clubs
1 hearts
1 Diamonds
10 spades


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Had a really nice day riding around Cornwall, Devon and Somerset - followed by a boring and pretty chilly ride home up the M5. I picked up my final two BBT locations on the way.
6 Spades - Rame Church.JPG
6 Spades - Rame church

King Spades - Mullion Golf Club.JPG
King of Spades - Mullion Golf Club


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Hi Wully, that's me done, a full deck....and a special thanks to Steve (aka Rally Bastard, Quill4) for steering us to some of the most inhospitable places the UK has on offer.

03C Lindisfarne Priory
04D Levisham Station 03C Lindisfarne Priory.JPG 04D Levisham Station.JPG


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I hope everyone is safe and well. this is my last picture of the year. I could have taken the same photo anywhere along that stretch of road but the bit i picked had a dog turd on the kerb which I didnt spot and trod in it. ce la vie. H09 HARLECH CASTLE.JPG


Brit Butt Tour Admin.
This has to be the most successful tour since it's inception, must be all the free time we've had.

Anyway the end of the Tour is within sight the 31 October. If you have any more photos for me get them sent.
Please check you scores, if you have an issue please email [email protected]

Many thanks.

Screenshot 2020-10-25 155657.png


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My thanks also to all those involved in setting up and running this. Fantastic way to see the four corners of this land and all the weird and wonderful places within


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Wully, you can rest, nearly. Thanks for all your efforts this year and putting up with my lousy photo's again. :eek:

Hopefully you will continue your sterling work next year. We will need somewhere to ride to, when we eventually get out to ride.

Bring on BBT2021 :):):)