Brit Butt Tour 2021

I didn’t know if we could join this year, but it appears we can. However, there is no mention that I have seen as to the cost for having a pillion.
Can someone please confirm the entry cost for rider and pillion, so I can pay and get started?
Many thanks.


Brit Butt Tour Admin.
Hi to all those taking part in the TOUR this year.

I have started to receive your pictures, nice to see you are socially distancing. I am not checking that the pictures you submit are from checkpoint within reasonable distance from your home. I feel hat you are old enough and sensible to make that decision. (a group of people who ride more then 1000 miles in 24 hrs, for a meal or a piece of paper) May be i should rethink sensible.

We are using the BBR 2013 rally this year, It was put together some 8 years ago so some checkpoints may not exist or have been changed. So use common sense.
1. Take a picture of what is there.
2. Take a picture of your SAT NAV with the coordinates on the screen.
3. with your submission detail the issue.

I'm not nasty or evil in fact I'm quite understanding so just give me the info and evidence that you made the effort.

Remember enjoy yourselves.