Butt Lite IX 8 -14 July 2018


Whilst this is a US Rally, it holds a lot of interest for our LDRiding community down here due to an Australian contingent of participants. Ian Mcphee, one of our long time overseas rally riders and multiple IBR finisher, along with Martin (Kiwi) Little, also an IBR finisher who has convinced his lovely wife Rebecca to join him as a two-up team.

Please keep dropping back in to see where things are at and give a bit of encouragement between now and when they depart for the rally.

Martin Little

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Well our planning is underway for Butt Lite IX.

Bec and I have entered as a two up team which presents some unique challenges for us both. Our prime objective is to make the Rally an enjoyable experience for both of us, which means there will be a few changes in our approach to this Rally.

Over the Christmas holiday break we rode our first longish ride together in the summer heat of NSW. While I am now acclimatized to riding in that type of summer heat, Bec is not, so this allows us the time to get used to riding two-up in the type of weather we will encounter in the States in mid July.

We will be riding the BMW R1200RT, (currently stored in northern Minnesota) that i rode in the IBR 2017, but without the auxiliary fuel tank as this occupies the pillion seat.

There are a couple of bike mods to make, the major one being finding a pillion seat comfortable for Bec, so MJM in Goulburn will be assisting with that over the next couple of months. Next on the list will be a new rear shock and a different screen. (the bike has the standard BMW Screen), and a set of Aux Lights.

Between now and when we fly out to the States we will be riding as many practise rides as we can fit into our diaries, plus I have the obligatory Basecamp routing to keep practicing on.

Grey Gentry

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Great stuff Martin. I remember meeting Rebecca at Coombah on the way back from Silverton. I see she's taking a liking to the pillion seat.
Ian, just go and enjoy yourself. And wishing you both the best of BMW reliability.

Martin Little

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A big shout out to Hackle! I was out riding a SS2000 a couple of weeks ago when the phone rings and its Hackle! "I have an aftermarket screen for your RT in the States". Sure enough its exactly what I'm looking for (same brand as the screen I run on the K1600GT) Arrived in the post today and has joined the small pile of things to travel with us in July.

Thanks again Hackle, you're a legend!


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Elwyn and my pleasure Martin. Anything to make life more bearable for Rebecca and yourself. On the matter of hydration, maybe you could carry just one hydration bladder in your tank bag [if you use one] like Fatman and LTP. I fit one into my tank bag when Elwyn joins me and it allows more room for comfort and also [a big one this] doesn't put strain on the back and shoulders. Just saying.

Martin Little

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Well the preparations continue. The pillion seat off the K1600GT has been deposited with Mick at MJM for some magic to be carried out. Hope to have this back ready for the ride to Dartmouth in mid Feb.

In the meantime the trusty GSA (which already has a MJM pillion seat) has been pressed into service for our first practice ride gathering Bonus Points.... After whipping up a quick route in Basecamp using a War Memorial Theme we set off to test ourselves.

it was a moderately warm summers day and we were out in NSW gathering a few Bonus Point, of course we have to start first.

Collecting a starting docket & not making a purchase at the Liquor Store!

Gundaroo War Memorial - I hope I'm doing this right!

We collected a few more along the way, including Crookwell, Taragla and Tarago. The temperatures got up to low 30's which was a good test for us while we continued to work on our Bonus Point collecting routine.

Taralga War Memorial - Its quicker if I stay on the bike!

Tarago War Memorial - Last one of the day - home time!

So at the end of this ride we think we have developed a routine, as we near the BP we are reviewing the requirements, then Bec attends to the photography while I stay on the bike and write up the log and program into the GPS the next BP.

Work in progress!


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Very serious face in that first picture of you Martin :D Maybe you should have purchased from the liquor shop first ! :eek:
best wishes to you both for continuing practice!


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Confession Time.....I was looking at the Hotel across the road and thinking about how nice lunch would be there.
Obviously your bonus question was worded incorrectly ..... should have read "Purchase a delicious meal at the hotel and include flag in picture of you and your wife enjoying your sumptuous dinner" :D:D If you need any further assistance in regard to the correct wording of bonus points, please give me a call :p:p My bonus skills include breakfast, morning and afternoon tea, dinner and alcohol :cool:

Martin Little

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Well the Pillion Seat has been re tuned by MJM of Goulburn and what better time to test it than Pillion Piglets first 1,000km day. You can read all about her feedback on the ride on her blog (see link above) but here are some photos from the 1,000km ride as a taster..

Sunrise on the Hume Highway

Enjoying the morning sunshine

On the way home via The Snowies