Cape York to Wilsons Promontory


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I have been out and about for a few days checking out the country side and hey, I need to get home o_O

I'll get the link here for those interested before I leave tomorrow after breakfast. Pending weather, road, opening times and my weathered and broken body :cool:

Been an interesting trip with countless opportunities to hone riding tequniques :eek:

A few pics:
Having a rest whilst I can go fishing for a while

Gotta love this red stuff

Look at that vegetation

That's a 'rural' expressway

Now what's lurking in the shadows?
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Good stuff the Cape has been left out of Iron Butt stuff for too long.
There's a whale statue at Cockle Creek TAS that would make a good photo it's next to the Australia most Southerly road sign......... just saying if your going that far ??


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Karl was boyant and in his words " Rooted" Saturday evening after riding all over the cape for a the day. Recon included picking up a blue bike a few times in the deep sand. Yesterday he was working on a GS12 that needed cable ties. He's a bloody machine for sure.
Watching closely for an intercept. Must be resting now.