Cape York to Wilsons Promontory


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Great work Karl ! Spot link shows he arrived at Tidal River around 57 and a bit hrs after leaving Cape York. I had the day off work today and I headed out to the Hume north of Melbourne, but spot/spotwalla wasn't playing the game nicely and I think I missed you by only a minute or two. Anyhow it was a great day in Victoria to be riding. Cold but sunny and clear.


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Bloody Hell mate. You pulled this off. Now maybe you'll just be normal for a day or three.
I went out to Moree on spec as spot was not well and I started figuring your next steps after Upper Davson so Goondiwindi, the Newell and a departure after Nerrandera seemed to me the go. So like Nev I got a ride in.
Again thanks for keeping us all on edge.


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I rode with Skidoo down to Tidal River at Wilsons Promontory picking up Philmor along the way, we had a great ride to witness the finish of Skidoo's top to bottom ride.

He is staying with us tonight, we have just finished a celebratory drink... :eek:

Well done to Skidoo on making it, it was a pleasure to ride a bit with you.... Top stuff.. :)


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I hooked up with Skidoo and Fatman mid afternoon yesterday for the last 100 kms of Skidoo's 4,000+km ride down to Tidal River at Wilsons Promontory. Des (Wingman) also joined the "meet & greet" committee just outside the entrance to the Prom.

We welcomed Skidoo with some cool Victorian weather, wind, clouds, sunshine and a light sprinkling of rain for the finish of his huge ride.
Skidoo was looking good and I would not have been surprised if it crossed his mind to immediately head north to Cape York again. Maybe next time!

Well done Skidoo, you have raised the bar again.:)


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Thanks guys, it was an AWSOME spectacular ride filled with ever changing road and environmental conditions.

Running the numbers was interesting both before an even so after the ride. I had two plans but that's another story. Fatigue was not a problem, environmental challenges, that occured daily was always going to be the challenge. Once time is lost it cannot be made up even on this multi day ride. That was interesting to see

Generally it was fairly straight forward, I 'bottomed out' countless times, bent the gear linkage, loose steering, roadside repairs, hey that's part of the adventure. Don't be fooled, its a tough ride (completely different to the Dusty Butt 2,000), anyone contemplating the ride should expect and off for two.

The main issue for me being the few days 'playing around' at the top was hard work. Getting the S10 vertical after countless 'offs' in the sand were worth it but the old back ain't what she used to. Every time I lifted the S10 it took longer :rolleyes:

Thanks heaps to the guys that me me at the South end, pure go,d but more to come in the RR.