Dinner in the desert


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Two headed Cod anyone. I last went there about 10 years ago with the Suzuki Owners Club. I'll try to make it if it's on the 14th, the 21st is a erte im Andorra but it all depends on St Thomas's Hospital.


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Add me to the list what ever the date.
Niki's got an aunt that lives just down the road in Lydd, so she might even come (that's Niki:) not the aunt:eek:)
I might even get another couple of taxi drivers who ride bikes to come along once the date is confirmed.


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The 14th would be better for me now, as I may have an IAM observered ride on the 21st which at the moment I have not confirmed at the moment.
I also have at least 2 mates who can make the 14th.
Could we have a decision on the date ASAP, cheers :):)


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Kin ell Dave that's a big word but thanks for the input, are you coming?
I put it on my wall planner as I thought it was the top of Scotland! Doing 600 mile round trip on Motorways, not sure, may do so rather not say as yet. My motivation for a fun ride is heading North or West from South Shields, I see riding South as a PITA!

I'll let you know a bit closer but it is currently on my wall planner......


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Looking at coming down for this and staying down Saturday night.
Graeme and Sally are joining me so the more the merrier.
No hotel booked as yet or even what town to stay in, so if anyone fancies a few pints and a meal Saturday night PM me.


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I can't make this one unfortunately but we regularly run RoSPA ride-outs down here and the fish in the Britania is excellent. If you like Rock (and I don't mean the music before anyone starts......or geological features.........or black comedians named Chris..........or sweet cylindrical confectionary) then they do a humungous portion......or did the last couple of times I went.