First ss1000


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I guess you made it! Congrats. I’ve always wanted to ride that area. Scotland has some amazing roads (from what I’ve seen on the TV)
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Yes, home now. I have to say apart from stiff elbows and hands\wrists I actually feel quite good. I will put all the paperwork together and see how we get on.
Thanks to all for the help and encouragement, roll on the RBLR1000 and I can have another go.
@Jonnyp , much as I would like to do the Dambuster run, I have never taken a bike into Europe so think I would be a little bit wary for a first time.
Now I know what to expect I will certainly have a look at some other rides.
Don’t worry, there will be plenty of experienced riders to guide you along and what a way to start riding further afield...

If you are free this weekend there is an RTE to Belgium.....if this is still too much to soon then there’s one to France in April....