First ss1000

Well, I am booked in for the RBLR in June, that was the reason for trying it now. Before this I had only done a 500+ mile run, so wanted to see how I went doing the full run, you will notice I left plenty of escape routes during the run in case things didn't go to plan( A66 to Penrith, A69 to Carlisle, Edinburgh to Glasgow) thankfully they were not needed.


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@Jonnyp , much as I would like to do the Dambuster run, I have never taken a bike into Europe so think I would be a little bit wary for a first time.
Now I know what to expect I will certainly have a look at some other rides.
My first ride in Europe was a Saddlesore1000 to Budapest. My first ride in USA was the 2011 Iron butt rally . 3 weeks after arriving I had ridden in all the lower 48 states!!! Go for it.