OX-34 - Lap of Australia on Highway 1


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I like the anti clockwise thinking here.

Originally Wingman and Freddo were going Anti clockwise to knock over Sydney and Brisbane early in the ride, but then Debbie decided to make a mess up north so they decided to completely change the route and attempt it clockwise, which would hopefully allow time for the road crews to clean up the Bruce. In the end they ran out of time.


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Just spoken to Ox, he is at Cloncurry at the moment and is going to Mt Isa for a sleep. He spoke to our guest, Wingman who advised him about the deep water over the road west of Booloroola.

He said there hasn't been much wildlife around which is good to hear.

Good luck Ox.


The water is more than likely gone by now Peter.
no road closures for Tablelands Highway as of Sat 15 Apr 2017 11:05:46 CST, there are some roadworks. Same report for the Carpentaria highway out to Daly Waters at the Stuart Highway.


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Those that can, create a SPOT. Those that can't, follow SPOT...

Happy travels OX

P.S. How didya get so much time off with such short notice?
Me thinks this was already planned :D


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Bush telegraph.....
Arrived in Borroloola to be greeted at the servo wih "some bloke called about you. The road should be clear".

Ill find out soon
When Ox was at Barkly HS earlier, I did phone the lady at the Booooorrooooolooooola BP to check if the road conditions between her and Daly Waters had improved. Her answer, I think he will be ok on a motorbike they haven't had rain for a week. I did leave a message on Ox's voice mail stating that, but he was already riding north.

Sounds like it will be ok.