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Pointless SS1000.
26th June 2021
For Starting Location, See Post #60

Over the few years I’ve been in the IBA I’ve heard some say, ‘I wish this had been around when I was younger’ so, now you have the chance. No one, can make you younger than you are now but that does not mean, you can’t turn the clock back on the bike you ride…

Could you have ridden 1000 miles on a bike you had, when you were younger?

This is a points-based challenge, the aim of which is to buy a bike that was available to you when you were in your late teens or early twenties for the sort of money you had back then. Ride it 1000 miles and then... as we didn’t keep bikes long, sell it.
  • Most of us were riding medium capacity machines and to make this fun the cc target will be 550cc (the absolute maximum will be 750cc).
  • Most of us didn’t have much money so the spend target, will be £1,500.00 (the absolute maximum spend will be £2,500.00)
  • For this challenge, we’ll assume we were all, 20 in 1980.
Therefore If, you were 20 in 1980 you could have had a nice 550cc machine for £1500.00. Get the same again, ride the 1000 miles score zero points. If you spend more, buy a bigger capacity machine or something newer, you’ll gain (+) points but you may get round.

Buy smaller and older for less and you lose (-) points but will you make it?

The highest negative score wins...Interested?

To score zero points on the bike it ideally has to be +- 2 years of 1980. However, to widen the scope it can be slightly newer but no newer than the 31st December 1985 (1st registration). There is no lower age limit for the bike, the older the better. You’ll gain (+) 100 points for every year over 1982 and lose 100 points for each year older than 1978.

The spend target is £1,500.00. You gain (+) 1 point per £1.00 over this. You are allowed to spend money on the bike for service parts, MOT and safety items, these will not be counted if receipts are provided. You are not allowed to fit anything to the bike which is not period.... no mobile phone mounts or Sat Navs. Navigation will be strictly by maps only. No aux tanks or LED lights (unless for safety reasons). If you buy a basket case to fully restore, receipts must be presented (even if after the ride), to validate the true cost of the bike. The maximum spend including all parts is £2,500.00! Buy the bike cheaper and lose (-) 1 point for every £1.00 saved.

The bike must be road legal, insured, taxed and MOT’d (even if not required). For safety, scrutineering will take place before the ride. It may be advisable to have breakdown cover too!

The 1000 miles will be a pre-approved route (TBA) round a start/finish point. If you complete the full 1000 miles in 24 hrs, you score zero points and gain an SS1000 certificate like no other. However, it’s not a race so you can’t gain for a time under 24 hrs.

Finish early (complete less than the 1000 miles) and you gain (+) 1 point per mile not covered plus, a 2500-point penalty. You will be scored but with a DNF!

The bike must not be purchased before the 1st January 2021 (the V5 will be used as proof), you can’t own it before and it must be sold within 3 months of completion of the ride. What you pay for and sell for will be based on honesty (but please, get receipts for both the purchase and the sale to prove the amounts). This is a fun challenge.... no cheating...! If you have fallen in love with the bike and want to keep it, you take a hit on points.

The final score will be determined by how much you sell the bike for, zero points if you break even, lose points for a profit, gain for a loss. There will be an RTE, 3 months after the event to announce the final points.

Hypothetical Examples -

Fred buys a 1981 Kawasaki Z550 for £1,500.00 He completes the 1000 miles in 20 hours and sells the bike 1 month later for £1,600.00 He scores minus 100 points.

Bill buys a 1981 CB750 for £1,750.00. +200 points for the cc for and +250 points for the cost. He also completes the ride in 20 hours and sells the bike for £2,000.00 (-250 points for the profit). He scores plus 200 points.

Jeff buys a 1980 GS550 for £750.00, 0 points on age, 0 points on cc but -750 points for the cost of the bike. On the ride he’s going to run out of time so returns after covering only 750 miles. He gains +250 points. Unfortunately, he does not get the SS1000 certificate, gets a DNF and takes the +2500 point penalty. One month later he sells the bike for £1,250.00 because he restored it. His total points score is, plus 1500 points.

Mike buys a 1984 Z250. The bike age range is 1978 - 1982 so he’s +200 points on the age but minus 250 points for the cc. He spent £1,300.00 so, -200 points on cost. He completes the ride but decides not to sell the bike so takes a 1300-point penalty. He scores plus 1050 points.

In the above cases, Fred wins…
Summary -
  • Maximum 750cc, maximum spend £2,500.00. No newer than 31st December 1985.
  • This ride is only open to IBA Members who have completed at least one SS1000.
  • The start date is the 1st January 2021 (date from which the bike can be purchased).
  • Ride date 8th May. Covid-19 restrictions pending.
  • Route TBA (could include coverage of England Wales and Scotland). Watch this space...
  • Standard SS1000 rules and ride costs apply.
  • Bikes can be transported to and from the start/finish point if needed.
  • A valid MOT will be required independent of the bikes age.
  • The plan will be to stay at a hotel (location TBA - soon) the night before and the night after for pre ride checks and post ride… socially distanced fun!

Any questions, PM me and I'll do my very best to answer them.

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A very nice memento of a tough ride. Cherish with pride. And don't hide it in the loft, but keep it front and centre on the mantle piece. Cheers.