Pointless 1000 - 26th June 2021


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Hopefully Bob, The Next Adventure will be to Ride A Scooter 1000 Gold, Next Year probably on the 7th May
However as with all Good Adventures there has to be a Twist!
So we will be Aiming to complete this ride On "Classic" Scooters (Using the Term Quite Loosely)
Target Scooter would be year 2000, 250cc.
You Going to Join US?


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A great write up for what could be described as an extreme ride, maybe more insanity.......

Of course if I had found this sooner I may have turned up on a cub... or a CG125.... hmm.... scooter eh?

Problem would be that would mean a third bike and no garage space..... but it is only "temporary".... a bit like the insanity.....:oops: