RBLR1000 16th June 2018

Congratulations to all that finished also well done to all the people who planned and helped out at the event, the enthusiastic welcome back was very nice. I’m planning a BB1500 for August and will definitely be back next year . Great event and Charity as ex army I’m very proud. Cheers Darran
Sad to report I just had a letter from Norfolk constabulary. 69mph in a 60mph through some tempory road works that were abondoned. Feel a bit hard done by since there was no one working there, no one on the road but we had 4hrs in hand at that point so nothing to do with the challenge but rider error. Put a bit on damper on my excitement for future big days.


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I got one during Brit Butt Rally sat nav said 60 but Lincolnshire changed it to 50 oops 59 in 50 course due soon
I often see that. Even though I keep my maps updated Garmin often doesn't update the speed limits which is why I keep an eye on the road speed limit signs too ;)


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I think that the Garmin updates are probably a year or more behind the real world even when they are first issued.

There was a new road built near me and it took about 2 years to appear on the new updated maps.