Ride Around Iowa

Nice job - way to stick it out with challenging start conditions. Looking forward to the RR; interested in group dynamics and how you managed fuel stops etc.
We kept the same order of riders throughout the trip. We rode largely in formation. This helps on nonverbal communication and getting around obstacles.(Voice communication would be better with all other principles applied.) When the front man signaled, we moved "right now". This also helped us stay alert for safety's sake. We had all stops pre-planned down to addresses and ETA. We chose the time to avoid heavy traffic in Davenport, Council Bluffs, and Sioux City. At the fuel stops, we documented the odometer reading, fueled, filed receipts, used the washrooms, grabbed a bite/drink, and got going. Our stops were all less than 15 minutes, anything else and we would have failed in the time parameters. We had a slow start due to hours of severe weather, so we pushed hard and rest was out of the question. Careful planning, great riding partners, cooperation, and respect. No "free agents", no show boating. We operated as we did in military operations during my Army service years. Incidentally, the "kid" of the group is 59 years old (point man), we other 3 are in our 60s. Compared to "Interstate" distance rides in my past, this was much more challenging. Great ride! We'll find another to conquer.
My problem is that my riding crew is still working. I was blessed with stage 4 cancer, was involuntarily retired, and didn't die. Time to ride!
God worked in mysterious ways.
wow, we have similar stories, lymphoma ,in 2014. wasn't our time!! heaven to hell(Pikes Peak to Death Valley)is a cool ride ,I like the gold version..


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I rode this last summer. It was a great ride. I recommend doing northeast Iowa in the daylight. That's the most scenic and technical part.