Ride to Eat Nr 2 Center of France Bruere-Allichamps April 27, 2019

michiel kerkhof

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We meet at the little monument the locals made after in 1860 this was decided on as the geographical centre of France....several other towns around claim the same but have no monument so we pick this one!! we take picture at 16.00 sharp....sofar I have been unsuccesfull finding the coordinates of the monument but locals will lead you there no doubt....after all we are IBA heroes....coord of centre of Francestatue are N 46 30.8117 and E 002 34.5920
We stay a little furthur north in Bourges IBIS Centre Bourges on Rue Jankelevitch 18000 Bourges coor N47 04.897 E 2 23.280 once they are full there are alternatives nearby....We will have dinner at Ibis.... geografisch Centre_France_1.jpg
1. Michiel Kerkhof
2. Jon Parsell
3. Gordon Sears no dinner
4/5 Peter Ihlo & Conny
6. Sean ?no dinner...
7.Kim Leeson no dinner
8.Martin Buck
10 Daz Nes
11 Mr Frank
12 Wilfried Weyers
13 Gerhard M.Krueger
16 Ralf
17 Gerd Heinzmann
18 Erwin2
19/20 Rainer &Heike Killian
21 MikeH
22 Martin Harries
23 Chris Cicero
24 Philip Phisdelo (no dinner)
25 Winglider
26 Ralf Jacobs
27 Len BK12
28 Dan ...aka Moose
29 Ronald van der Linden
30/31 Thomas Bode +Searcher
32 Suzanne Jantze
33 Ziggy Milemuncher
34 Pascal ( no dinner)
35 Johnny M
36 Colin ?
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Is this it ?
Its about 3km away from the village but it is the monument that Google declares the center of France.
Not sure if its the official one Michiel or just a different marker.
N46° 46.173' E2° 25.983'


The center of France


At the crossroads of the village of Bruère-Allichamps, a monumental stone topped with the Tricolor flag, indicates the geographical center of France since 1797. It is an ancient military boundary stone laid in this place by the Duke of Béthune Charost.

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Me too, please.

There are several centres of France (including Corsica, DOM-TOM or not). The picture is taken north of Champvallier (definitely not Bruere-Allichamps).


michiel kerkhof

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Champvallier is new to me....I know it's not in Bruere Allichamps as announced but was still trying to find out where exactly the statue is.....was planning to search the area on my way to the Belgian RTE in febr.....do you happen to have the exact coordinates for it Ralf?? and can I have a full name for you??