Ride to Eat Nr 2 Center of France Bruere-Allichamps April 27, 2019

If you look at the Village of Nassigny. There is a road out called “Route De Champvallier” this leads in to... Route du Centre de la France.

I’m not 100% sure but I think it could be along this road...


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Probably the wrong Champvalliers - there are several. It is the Champvallier north of 03190 Nassigny. Unfortunately, I don't have the co-ordinates. Long time ago I have been there. Very remote - not even on street view or similar.
Please, have a look on https://www.kunstgeografie.nl/centres/centre.mich.htm
Champvallier north of 03190 Nassigny is the most recent accepted estimation of the geographical center of France (corresponds to your picture).
The monument at the crossing of the village of Bruère-Allichamps is a historical estimation of the geographical center of France but the most visited one (corresponds to the picture from JON12A).

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continuing the search for coordinates....it looks like the road between Nassigny and Champviller is the route de centre de France as it's calles is the place to search for it.....tough one to find sofar but not giving up on it.....good training computer skills.....which are none....at best....


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Hi Michiel - hotel booked, please include me for this one.

As the Belgium and France RTEs are geographically close, I might look at a third...…… Any clarity yet on RTEs 4 and 5 for next year?

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Some info tells me it shud be a little north of Champvilliers and this is a spot which could be it but unsure and cant get streetview to check.....so I'll go there in febr to make sure the coordinates are OK ...this spot is N46 30.42.5 and E 2 34 35.5 some strange method of coord that google gives me....why is there not 1 system to do coordinates but several which I cannot translate into some normal that BC can read!!!

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I used your link, then copied the coordinates that Google maps gives me in the Link address, see below, I then copy and paste into Basecamp, works a charm every time.

Center of Europe.JPG