Ride to Eat Nr 3 Center of Europe Polackstyle. Suchowola,Poland June 29,2019


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Already on the road for a while and still planning on reaching Poland in time for the RTE, will get working on booking things and planning the roads. But please Giel, put me on the list.
My last European RTE (at least for a while), as of mid-August I set of to the US. Hope to see many of you there and make it a good (preliminarily) last one :)


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In case anyone is interested, or the BW is full (even though, I doubt it):
As said before I am already on the road for a while, and actually plan to have a bit of a break in my trip before doing my "last leg" after the RTE. So, I will arrive a bit early to town (26th June most likely). After having a look around Villa Tradycja offered me a much better deal for these 4 nights, and all looked perfectly fine, so decided to go with them. Its not a big chain, so who knows, no guarantees. It is about 15 min walk from the BW.


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Hi I have been chatting to a Polish friend, He has told me that in the eastern side of Poland very little English is spoken.
(1st problem I only speak English)
He also told me that the east side of Poland is very poor
(2nd problem so am I)
He warned me to watch out for the Ukrainian lorry drivers, as some of work crazy long hours and fall asleep at the wheel. :eek::eek:
(3rd problem so do I but I'm getting old.)
He also told me that his country is very beautiful,
( Not really a problem, it probably is very beautiful, no one is going say their country is shit.):D:D
He also told me that the toll roads in Poland are privately owned, good and cheap.
:)):):):):):):) did I say I'm poor)

See you all there.:p:p


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Ok, guys. Food question!
I have asked around and the people at a place called MultiBrowar were very nice and willing to accommodate us. The menu is in Polish but I have gotten some translation. The place has an impressive selection of beers. (As the name implies)

Generally the idea is that we all sit at one massive tables and we get a set of starters and mix of mains. We all share and be happy.
Most of the things are quite local and local means meat. So first thing are there any vegetarians? (There is some in the fixed menu, but of there is many, let me know, they can adapt)
So the starters will be: cheese, sausage, local pork dish, raw beef tartare, salad with grilled chicken, salad with cheese.

Then as the main, they again come with a little bit of everything: proc stake, ribs, chicken rolade, blood sausage, white sausage, pulled pork, mashed potatoes, dumplings (and more). Overall local, Hardy but good food, nothing super fancy. I had the ribs today, very nice.

We will need to order the drinks in the evening itself so an overal price is not fixed yet. I am quite convinced we can keep it well under 30 euro pp incl everything (also tip and drinks).

Questions, does anyone object strongly to the menu? Does any one object to just dividing the final price by the number of people (adding the tip) and everyone pays?
Thirdly, I asked multiple restaurants, and it seems like I need to pay a deposit everywhere. So please, if some people could bring cash (I also accept Euro or pounds) or would be willing to transfer money to me after the night that would be helpful. :D The rest can pay by card on the night, no problem. Thanks!

Sorry for the long post, please reply. I will need to decide tomorrow evening around 18.00 at the latest.

To make the post even longer:
I have been in Poland for a few days already. And people speak enough English to get around. Some German here and there, but I have also managed. It is very easy to avoid all payed toll roads, as I did. I also took quite some back roads, with mixed results, some very good, some not so much. Overall very beautiful and green!

I am considering a day trip to Vilnius and surrounding on Friday in case anyone else arrives early!

Safe ride and hope to see you all soon!


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Local food is good. Poland is usually cheap so I'm happy to split the cost as long as nobody puts bottles of spirits on the bill. I'll eat more food to make up fir being a non drinker. I'll bring cash