Ride to Eat Nr 3 Center of Europe Polackstyle. Suchowola,Poland June 29,2019

Already on the road for a while and still planning on reaching Poland in time for the RTE, will get working on booking things and planning the roads. But please Giel, put me on the list.
My last European RTE (at least for a while), as of mid-August I set of to the US. Hope to see many of you there and make it a good (preliminarily) last one :)
In case anyone is interested, or the BW is full (even though, I doubt it):
As said before I am already on the road for a while, and actually plan to have a bit of a break in my trip before doing my "last leg" after the RTE. So, I will arrive a bit early to town (26th June most likely). After having a look around Villa Tradycja offered me a much better deal for these 4 nights, and all looked perfectly fine, so decided to go with them. Its not a big chain, so who knows, no guarantees. It is about 15 min walk from the BW.