Ride to Eat nr 3 Lighthouse Alexandroupoli ,Greece june 30,2018

michiel kerkhof

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We will meet at the lighthouse at 16.00 sharp for group picture coordinates N40 50.619 E 25 52.452
As I am unable to attend this RTE I found Michiel Buitenwerf willing and able to do the coordination on this one.....Hotel Erika ,Dimitriou Karaoli 110 Coord N40 50.674 E25 52.631 Has limited amount of rooms with safe parking there are alt hotels nearby such as Vergina and Alkyon.Restaurant will be Tsipouro at Miaouli 3 coord N40 50.639 E25 52.528......
2.Jonathan Baker
3.Bob Clark
4 FazerPhil
6.Kim Leeson
9 Johnny M
10 Phisdelo


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I shall give this one a go.
I get to cross Bulgaria to get there so that will be another country ticked off the list.
Sorry going to have to pull out of this one. It just so happens that the other four people in my team are all away that week so no chance of squeezing this one in. Aiming to visit Istanbul (and maybe Alexandroupoli as well) either late May or the week before the 28th June. Not the same as being there for the photo I know but maybe next time. Gazzr


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Ok hotel booked I'm in.
Booked Sunday as well then leisurely ride home maybe through Italy
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Way home, ferry booked from Igoumenitsa to Ancona tuesday night then through Italy.
Full weeks touring through Italy and the Alps
Looking forward to this one !
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PLs count me in too but haven't done hotel reservations yet.
Plan is to stay Thursday night around Triest and then in Europe hotel Haskova Bulgaria Friday night as I did for RTE in Istanbul.
May be warm already ... pffft.


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ok Bobbyc I'll be glad to take over your room if that helps out.
Let me know how you want to settle this administraive - wise

Michiel Buitenwerf

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Dear all,
Due to family reasons I could not attend the Greek Ride to Eat.

The restaurant Τσίπουρο στο φτερό (Tsipouro) at Miaouli 3, near the lighthouse, is booked and confirmed for the group.

I have booked a hotel room at Hotel Vergina (Karaoli Dimitriou 74) (46 euro, not payed), so if someone needs a room nearby, let me know, otherwise I cancel this one.

Apologies to the group.


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I regert to say I will not be able to make it to this RTE. I am still waiting for a skin graft after my accident on the way back from Finisterre.