Ride to Eat nr 3 Lighthouse Alexandroupoli ,Greece june 30,2018


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Sorry Bobbyx had no news so got a resevation in the Mitroppolis hotel two hours ago, after cvhecking at the Erika that no room was available..


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Don't forget to buy highway vignettes in Slovenie and Bulgary.

Got out and tested camping gear this we; it's gonna be warm, will take the camelbag along ....

Got the Yam only back last week from major (two months..), under gurantee, repair.
Valve coating was disolving/gone, no more pressure ..... they had to take out the whole motor from the frame .....

This morning minor electricity issues on the GPS etc .. plus head of sparkplugs kaput, but by end of day this should be cured!

great ride to all


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Sorry folks woke up Thursday morning with a terrible sickness. Coming around now but not fit enough to jump on bike and ride 2000 miles.
Ride safe everyone.
Have a drink for Garry who unfortunately didn't make it to Finistere.
I have the patches and will post them if somebody can collect together a list of names and addresses of attendees.


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Hi Guys, made it back safe and sound, it took me 41 hours to get back to Milton Keynes including the ferry back to dover and 5 hours sleeping in the Iron Butt Hotel in a service station in Austria, route was Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and France, had a great time at the RTE with the three other guys that turned up :), unfortunately left my shower gel at the hotel so I might just have to ride back and get it :)


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Hi All,
I made it back half past midnight last night, 21 hours and 1103 miles after leaving Florence.
Photo and a few notes when I am a little more lucid


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A great ride as usual.
Michiel - great choice on the restaurant for dinner - the owner was "honoured" and I think a little amazed that we had ridden across Europe to eat at his restaurant.

I rode home via Albania in order to get a ferry to Bari in Italy - I was on my way to Florence to scatter my Mums ashes. She would have been delighted at her send off on Monday evening but unimpressed a being carried across Europe on the back of a "bloody motorcycle" as she called them:).

I don't mind saying I was a little anxious at the prospect of riding into Macedonia and Albania. This was put into perspective when I had a coffee at a petrol station in Greece with an Italian biker. He was riding a 1990s 1100 Suzuxi (gsx 1100f I think) and was on the way back from 15000kms riding around Turkey, Jordan, Iraq and Israel. Had also tried to enter Syria! (cannot get in without a Syrian passport) and Iran (did not want to wait 48hours for a visa).

This was my first time motoring in Italy for more than 20 years and I managed to set an unwanted personal record when I paid 1.91 euros per litre for fuel north of Bari on the autostrada! Anyone paid more than that for fuel anywhere?
Good to read that that the reataurant was oke ;-)
And @Mikehi nice ride with your mom, a special ride it was.
Sorry that I was not able to join, hope next time we will meet again.
To all, have a great July and August with a lot of save kilometers or miles


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Seems I was the wuss. I stopped at Tweng in Austria on Sunday night - about 950 miles - and then Calais at 16.30 CET for my 17.20 train. However, due to another E/T breakdown, I only got moving at 20.30. Home about 21.30 BST.
Roll on Norway.


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Which of you chaps feels up to producing a full-sized ride report, one-way or both ways, with/without pictures?
Our ride reports page on the website's looking a little dated. Send me the text if you don't want to do the techie stuff yourself.