RTE Calais including Dambusters SS1000 ride Saturday 23rd March 2019 01:45 departure.


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Am I the only one who thinks that leaving Scampton at 0240 makes for a tight run for anyone wanting the 0620 chunnel? I'm going to need a rapid fuel stop as well.


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No, me too Bob. I'm bringing a newbie along, and I've told her to practice her fuel stops.
With the roadworks on the M20 its going to be tight for us.


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You worry too much. :rolleyes: Its all fluid :p No plan survives first contact :eek:.

Updates will follow :) and then there's the rider briefing......o_O

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I live just off the A14 so I can keep a look out but it’s worth keeping an eye on this page, just in case there’s a full weekend closure, there have been a couple as new bridges go in... https://www.scambs.gov.uk/community/transport/a14-road-closures-updated-weekly/

For those who can’t make Scunthorpe (assuming all will take off, with full tanks) to the Chunnel in one hit there is a Shell station at Fenstanton (PE28 9HY) it’s always been expensive but it’s right on the road side and they have a toilet. its about 1/2 way ish... After this there’s a Tesco at Bar Hill but with the road works it’s a pain to get too south bound. After this, there are no more fuel stops until Stansted or just off junction 7 (A414 in to Harlow).
Sorry folks but I am going to have to withdraw from this one . I have been hit with the bike needing some money spent on it and the family want some more money spent on it and the wallet is empty!
Could all participants PM me with the name they use on their certificates and make/model/registration of the bike they propose to use (Can be changed later) so that I can prepare the necessary spread sheet.

Eight weeks :eek: and we'll be on our way home:D

Oops Sorry hit the wrong button
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T-Shirts are available for participants to order. If you add shirt size and how many to your details PM you sent me I can compile an order list.

Cost is £15 a shirt. Hopefully if we can get the order in they will be ready for the ride. Sizes same as for the Armistice T-Shirt.

Suppliers mock up image of the proposed T-Shirt below.

T                                        shirt mock up.JPG
Sorry but the T-Shirt is available to participants only.
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