RTE Calais including Dambusters SS1000 ride Saturday 23rd March 2019 01:45 departure.

Thanks to everyone who was involved in organising this event. Thoroughly enjoyed it... It was as hard as I thought iit would be... Thankfully the weather was great... Cheers.
Please contact me about the return, or replacement, of your battery pack. Depending where you are, it might me easier for me to keep this one and buy another, delivered to you....
Hi PP, happy for you to send battery over to me. If you can send me a PM I can give you my address. thanks very much. Zoe
Just want to say a big thank you to all the support crew, and organisers. Marvellous atmosphere from the start. The toughest ride I`ve ever done, but a what a great sense of achievement felt as the back gates to the Ibis hotel slide open. Well done to everyone.

For me, It wasn’t the back door at the ibis it was the first Stella in the family bar with Gordon, Kim and Daz...(who looks remarkably like Sylvia Syms after 1075 miles...:oops:)

30 bikes went out and around 20 succeeded.

I will email all riders over the next week with
1 details of payment of balance for your ride.
2 details of commemorative t shirts. We will do one more order
3 how to get a second patch as there are a few left.

Do post your ride reports here wether you were successful or not so we can all learn from the collective experience.
Great ride,great people.
Thanks to
Gordon for the idea and the route
Joy and Foster for checking people out at 2am and in on Saturday night until 3am.
Graham for organising the wreath for Guy Gibson's and taking the pics at Scampton at 2am
Both Charlie (Splitter142) and myself are up for T shirts and an additional badge.


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30 riders entered
6 did not start
3 did not finish
1 missed a dam but should get a SS1000 verified
20 riders finished in 24hr

£300 was raised for donation to the Royal British Legion Riders Branch

Well done to all riders and thank you for your company.

Until the next one..... See you there....

Take a look at the Brit Butt Rally. Plan your own route around the UK and spend a weekend visiting rally locations and taking pics with your rally flag. Much the same as the Dambusters but more bendy roads


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Re-run on 17th May for those who missed this one....
As the start and end points can be verified with petrol station receipts (there is a 24hr petrol station just north of Scampton) - is it possible to do it in the reverse direction? Start at Calais, go to dams, then Steenbergen, back to Calais then up to Scamptom.... Not being vastly experienced on foreign roads, I'd feel happier covering enemy territory whilst relatively fresh....Would also avoid a scramble of multiple bikes trying to get on the same train when they limit the numbers....


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30+ bikes booked on the 06:20 train on the 23rd.....

The end point UK side is Scunthorpe Premier Inn. The mileage is only 1000 miles (verified route) from here round the route and back to Calais. Actual ridden distance is closer to 1100 miles. However verification distance is on lower limit so receipts must come from the locations given or you risk not having the ride verified.


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Is the plan to start at the same time?

Secondly - if you are looking for other ideas along similar lines to the Dambuster run - what about operation Market Garden? Visit the 3 bridges and also pay respects to David Lord VC (flew from Doncaster to drop supplies at Arnhem) - will be the 75th anniversary in Sept......
Please contact me about the return, or replacement, of your battery pack. Depending where you are, it might me easier for me to keep this one and buy another, delivered to you....
Hi Peter, I've sent you a message via the forum - I am happy for you to return my battery pack please. Thanks Zoe