RTE Calais including Dambusters SS1000 ride Saturday 23rd March 2019 01:45 departure.


RBLR 1000
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Just had a look at patch, mmmm design error Lancaster Bombers had 4 bladed props not 3 lol
Is the Shop keeper doing a Tee shirt for this??????????

Kim Leeson

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Okay if we're going to be picky, I wasn't going to say anything but....being a product designer and symmetry is paramount, could I be so bold as to suggest that props 2 & 4 from left to right (sitting in the pilots seat) be a bit more even in spacing...oh boy here comes the abuse, come on I'm ready, apologies if I've offended Gordon and Dave's hard work...it is very much appreciated.
85 x 65 is a big patch, and I don't want it to always bug me!! I'm only a partial OCD'ist !!


Bob M

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Just incase anyone is interested. Guy Gibson is buried in Steenbergen Catholic Cemetery, approx. 30 miles north of Antwerp (not far from our route).


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Have looked and mileage/time seems to be OK. Will try and incorporate it as a photo location. Poppies/cross would be good.


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Total, thinking of dropping northern fuel stop to save 20 mins as distance should work.

Directions for grave from biography of Guy Gibson.


Location: Steenbergen en Kruisland RCC
The two headstones are situated on the left side of the first avenue from the entrance.
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As per Armistice 1000 ride. Registration as below and in first post.

Every rider who completes the ride will receive a one off Dambusters 1000 certificate, a commemorative patch and verification of their ride. The ride fee will be £35 of which £10 will be donated to the Poppy Appeal. Riders who are not Iron Butt Members can take part in the ride and by completing it will become life time Iron Butt Members.

On this occasion you need to pre-register so we can source the patches in advance. Register by sending £5 by PAYPAL to payments@ironbutt.co.uk with a note including your name and “Dambuster 1000” and send an email to President@ironbutt.co.uk with your name and address and the heading “Dambuster 1000”.


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This ride makes no sense - its the wrong time of year, its a full moon, the AA will be terrible......

Hotels booked and registration fee sent :D


Latvian rider transport!!!!!!
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For those of us who desperately want the patch and certificate, can we pay the £5 and do the exact route but on a different day?
Usual verification rules to apply.