Special Ride to Eat patch


Latvian rider transport!!!!!!
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Are they awarded retrospectively - I have done 18 out of the last 20?
No ? Well bugger, i’ll Just have to do 4 or more this year......wife permitting!

michiel kerkhof

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Nice! Have booked for the last 4,Geil have you heard from the Noway hotel.
Dear Michiel,

I`m really sorry that neither you nor Bobby got a reply from us. Really don`t know what happened here. But the rooms are in any case booked for both you and Bob Clark, as according to the group deal you`ve got.

Have a lovely afternoon!

Med vennlig hilsen

Lindesnes Havhotell
Phone: +47 38 600 800
Email: [email protected]


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Will there be a different patch for different years ?
How many people a year do you think attend all five Euro R2E's? Look upon it as a MileEater type badge; a badge recognising above and beyond performance. The badge was based on Europe is our Playground idea, it is 80mm square to get the detail on and to make it stand out from the regular R2E attendance badge. You will have to do a lot of riding for this badge.......

Love, light, and kindness,