Special Ride to Eat patch


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No, it's a special themed UK Ride & RTE. I usually organise a themed ride each year to or from an RTE. (Calais has been the final UK RTE of the year for several years now).


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How many people a year do you think attend all five Euro R2E's? Look upon it as a MileEater type badge; a badge recognising above and beyond performance. The badge was based on Europe is our Playground idea, it is 80mm square to get the detail on and to make it stand out from the regular R2E attendance badge. You will have to do a lot of riding for this badge.......

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Its only four out of the five Euro RTE's each year to get a patch Dave :):)


Latvian rider transport!!!!!!
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I’ve done all 5 ERTEs in 3 out of the last 5 years and 4 out of 5 in the other 2.
Will probably only do 4 this year though.