SS1600K attempt on a 90cc Postie


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Excellent write up Frog! Congratulations on your achievement!
Perseverance to the max... and with humour!
I reckon I would struggle with sitting on Taddy for that long, let alone dealing with the mechanics.

Hereafter, this space is for Frog parking only.
All others will be toad.
Ahhhhh ! If I'd only known/realized you posted your write up here I woulda been able to re-read all the fascinating detail over again ...
In a word: Incredible! ...


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Blows my mind to think of the effort both you and the little bike have put into this epic adventure Frog. As the others have summarised, a tale of perseverance, dogged determination and pure mechanical genius. My helmet is dipped to you mate. Awesome effort.