This forum, what's it for?


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If someone calls a Ride to Eat, I will find out here.
If someone organises a ride, I will find out here.
If someone organises a rally, I will find out here.
If someone writes about a ride they've done, it would be nice to read about it here.
If someone has some pearls of wisdom to impart, it would be nice to read about it here.


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I seem to have seem to have stirred up a wasps nest with my previous posting, that wasn't the intention.

My view is simple, all official group information and notices should be posted here on the forum. They can be copied and posted on FB.


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To be clear

I also think that this forum is the place for all things IBA-related and whenever I'm responsible for publishing something I make sure that it's posted here first (and often exclusively).

I am not the only publisher of bumf and I can't speak for other publishers but there are reasons why some choose to use Facebook instead of this forum. I am amused that this thread simply asks people to like the first post but not everyone participating here has managed that simple task. It's almost like we all just do our own thing isn't it?

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I was hoping in your vast knowledge you knew why? Nothing has sailed over my head, if it had I think I would be 6 feet under....


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Well the question was asked and I think the answer was forthcoming....

Lets dump FB and concentrate our efforts on here ?.
Lets stop diluting the message and have it all on one platform.