This forum, what's it for?

Peter Perfect

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Make this forum the main source, but use Facebook to publish (to a wider audience) what's happening on the forum. A post on Facebook can be shared, by those that use it, to other motorcycle groups or on one's own feed..., and others that have previously not known about the IBA will be pointed towards our forum.


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Not a great fan of Face Book, It is to disorganized, as posts are just in date order so you have to scroll through lot of other irreverent posts to find what you are looking for.
I cannot disagree though that FB can help to get the IBA noticed to a broader audience.
But IBA related information that is posted on FB should have a link to the IBA UK Forum if it is an event or something for sale etc.
All other crap can stay on FB.
I suppose the answer could be. If you personally don't like facebook then don't look at it. But all IBA info must be posted on IBA UK Forum.

Happy New Year everyone :)
To be clear

I also think that this forum is the place for all things IBA-related and whenever I'm responsible for publishing something I make sure that it's posted here first (and often exclusively).
I am not the only publisher of bumf and I can't speak for other publishers but there are reasons why some choose to use Facebook instead of this forum.

I am amused that this thread simply asks people to like the first post but not everyone participating here has managed that simple task. It's almost like we all just do our own thing isn't it?
looks more like people are giving an explanation of there stance on the chosen topic rather than simply click like which aint much use. it might be a simple task just to click but not reflective of peoples views, the basic principle of a forum is an exchange of ideas and views.
not everyone will have the same view on any topic but we should be able to express an opinion


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The only thing I asked was that people should like the first post. That doesn't stop anyone from also posting their views in any way they fancy.