UK Ride To Eat, Hunters bar, Ballycastle, September 29th


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We are IBA UK and so far nobody's suggested an RTE during September 2018; it occurred to me to focus on the "UK" part of our title, it stands for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Well, we're forever doing stuff in the GB chunk (that's all old hat and well within 'just up the road') of that but NI?

Hunters Bar 106 Cushendall Road, Ballyvoy Ballycastle BT546RA. N55o 11’57’’ W6o 11’10” BaseCamp=N55° 11.965' W6° 11.168'

Maybe combine it with a little trip round the island or some other foreign adventure?

The takes place on the 22nd Sept so the 29th.

  1. Bob Stammers
  2. Dave Clarke
  3. Lynn O'Kane
  4. Andrew Brown
  5. Graeme & Sally
  6. Martin
  7. Gordon Sears
  8. John Cuniffe
  9. Daz Nez
  10. Kim Leeson
  11. Sean
  12. BMBob
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Who's up for an RTE in Belfast, Londonderry or perhaps somewhere more exotic? Maybe combine it with a little trip round the island or some other foreign adventure?
Sound good to me, health permitting. the 29th would be better as it would also give me a chance of completing the 32 counties ride I've had planned for over two years now.


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Just a quick look suggests £130 return Liverpool/Belfast or £110 return any Welsh port/Rosslare, both Stenna Line


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Once the details are confirmed, It makes sense for IBA Ireland to advertise this as well.

Couple of things:

I can't attend. I'll be in USA.

Ferry: Cheapest method is day trip Stena Cairnryan to Belfast. £45 any time/any day. If you get back on a return sailing within 30 hrs of arrival it counts as day return.

Arriving into Dublin or Rosslare is an option. Motorway network in the South is superior to UK motorway. Less traffic ( apart from M50 around dublin), and toll sections are dirt cheap ( €1) to travel serious miles. M50 toll is free for bikes.

Venue: Carrickfergus is literally a stones throw from Belfast . The run from belfast to Carrickfergus is suburban crap. Heavy traffic, zero scenery. Apart from the castle there is not much to recommend. Nice Premier Inn though.

Keep your pothole scanner active.

I'll post a few alternative venues for you to consider later. But it's a Uk RTE so I'm only suggesting.
Can I suggest you give some thought to Ballycastle not just because I live there. It is around an hour from both belfast and larne ports. You could take the north coast road from larne very scenic.


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Thanks for that Chris & Andrew. Of course we'd like IBA Ireland to join us: 1) our RTEs are always open to all-comers anyway and 2) you almost certainly know the landscape (and every other aspect) much better than any of us.


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Is not the Joey Dunlop memorial in that neck of the woods? The coast road is I think the longest coast-hugging road in UK, Giants causeway too. Sounds very intriguing.

Ops I've got an event on 29th, mind its a long ways off and thinks have a habit of changing.

Love, light, and kindness,



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Suggestion . Ride up the A2 coast road from Larne as far as Cushendall. Then Cut inland a few miles north of Cushendall, taking the Glenann Road to the Scenic Inn for lunch. I know the Barman in there, and they can do the entire group Soup/sandwiches/Stew etc or you just order off the menu.

Then you head to Ballycastle and get back onto the coast road.


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Think Blackpool have some deals on peddalows as it’s the end of season could do a block deal

May be a good idea think can fit it in around work