Wanted - Maple Farkles pillion rack for 2014-19 RT

Greg Rice

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I haven’t reached out to Paul, figured he was using it. I actually only want the seat rack portion. I’m not doing long enough rides to require an aux tank anymore. Thanks for the information and help.
Maybe look at some of the BMW GS / GSA passenger seat racks like this one. It may fit and work. Many companies make them.



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Still looking for a pre-owned seat rack mounting system, like Pete used to make. All I need is the 3 mounting pieces for a 2014 RT. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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BTT. I still need a seat rack not an aux fuel cell. I want to put my tent and camping gear on it and still mount top case in the rear mount. Any help would be appreciated.
Pete’s set up without the aux tank.
Robert Rehkopf
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