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According to government "guidance" we should all be avoiding unnecessary contact outside our family or "bubble". That's a biologically sound argument but what exactly is "the law" and what's actually happening? It's not clear to me what the law is. If you wish to follow the nerdy legal path, start with The Health Protection (Coronavirus) Regulations 2020

The quotes below are from the Official guidance here and more here.
  • "when you are outside you can continue to meet in groups of up to six people from different households, following social distancing guidelines"
  • "It will be against the law to gather in groups larger than 30 people, except for a limited set of circumstances to be set out in law"
  • "gather outdoors in a group of more than six people from different households; gatherings larger than 6 should only take place if everyone is from just two households"
  • "Gatherings of more than 30 people will be prohibited, apart from some limited circumstances to be set out in law."
  • "From 4 July, you can continue to meet in a group of up to six people from multiple households, or in a group made up of two households (your support bubble counts as one household), even if this is more than six people."
  • "You are allowed to meet in groups of either: up to 6 people from different households outdoors or any number if everyone is a member of your own household or a member of your support bubble"
  • "You must not meet in a group of more than 6 with people you do not live with or who are not in your support bubble unless one of the other limited exceptions as set out in law apply. This is prohibited in law. The relevant authorities, including the police, have the powers to enforce the law – including through fines and dispersing gatherings."
  • "You can travel to outdoor open space irrespective of distance, as long as you can return the same night and do not put others at risk because of services you may need in the time you are away. You should continue to avoid using public transport and should cycle, walk or drive wherever possible."
There are some language issues affecting the internal consistency of this guidance but two numbers stand out as being significant: 6 and 30.

It is clear to me that gatherings up to 6 are fine by pretty much any reading. Gatherings larger than 30 might be illegal. (It's not clear whether there is such a law but the suggestion is that there might be)

Gatherings between 6 and 30. Fine if only two families involved, might be illegal otherwise.

Today I visited my local Tesco where, despite them having got the whole social distancing thing done properly right from the start, I came within 1 metre of considerably more than 6 people, from several different families, indoors. As far as I'm aware, neither I nor anyone else in the store was breaking the law and, if we were, there is precious little chance of any of us being prosecuted.

On 4th July most of the pubs will be open. Any pub not able to attract a group of 30 won't have much of a future.

I don't think we should be "organising a party" but if I go for fish and chips by the seafront and see others I know I'll probably condescend to talk to them, from 2 metres away.
its like the classroom sketch from Python's meaning of life

All right, settle down. Settle down. Now, before I begin the lesson, will those of you who are playing in the match this afternoon move your clothes down onto the lower peg immediately after lunch, before you write your letter home, if you're not getting your hair cut, unless you've got a younger brother who is going out this weekend as the guest of another boy, in which case, collect his note before lunch, put it in your letter after you've had your hair cut, and make sure he moves your clothes down onto the lower peg for you. Now,--

I do wish you'd listen, Wymer. It's perfectly simple. If you're not getting your hair cut, you don't have to move your brother's clothes down to the lower peg. You simply collect his note before lunch, after you've done your scripture prep, when you've written your letter home, before rest, move your own clothes onto the lower peg, greet the visitors, and report to Mr. Viney that you've had your chit signed.

perhaps that's what the popularist politician has been watching whilst doing night feeds and devising policy from it


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I take Phil's view. My safety first, followed by my families safety. I'm still riding, just not meeting at the moment.
I don't see the point of rushing into social contact at this time.


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Bring a packed lunch with you everyone, just in case the site is so popular for the first day that places open tomorrow could make it awkward to queue up for food/drink.