Winter Clothing, what are you wearing.

Bill Lumberg

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They were only sold in one configuration when I bought mine, which are the full length. Only option was color. I’d have no use for the short ones. Defeats the purpose. Yes, Aerostich. They are superb.
Yes, those would be the “Aerostich” branded rain covers. Mine are going on 17 years of service and are excellent protection from cold and wet. Just retreated them to a heavy dose of “Camp dry”, looking forward to many more yeats and miles of use. A side note, they quickly become second place when adjusting to the split mitten style, not a problem. Also have found, and for safety’s sake won’t recommend slipping them on while rolling down the road, but it is very easily done. Mine live in the top of my tankbag, don’t leave home without them!


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Clive come for a ride further south in July or August. Lets you see the benefit of heated gear. Some rides I start of with heated gear on and finish with Draggin jeans. It can get hot around Mackay. Oh, I'm from Trafalgar in Gippsland, Victoria. Cheers.

Clive Rand

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I am actually planning a couple of trips South, I have family in Boolarra, and Morwell, and I will admit that things can get a bit cooler. I grew up around Bega/Bombala, then lived a while in Cooma and a few seasons up in Berridale and Jindabyne, I am planning on going as far as Colac around June/July, because I am one of those stange people that enjoy the colder climates, then going to the Bombala bike show later on as well.


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I have the Firstgear jacket liner, gloves and new* pant liner. I like the heat of the pant liner but I 100% HATE how they operate. Does not run thru my duel heat controller, they have a long tap with the control button on it, left side, which is difficult to impossible to operate while riding.
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Khakis ... :)

But for riding, I wear an ancient pair of Gerbing Extreme Element heated pants that are no longer heated, an brand new Warm N Safe heated jacket liner, insulated leather jacket because my Klim is too snug to wear layers under it, and varies sets of heated gloves or regular gloves with heated glove liners.

I use a Warm-N-Safe wireless "Heatroller" mounted on my handlebars so I can see the settings and the blinking lights
I don't do long-distance riding in cold weather (I know, I'm a wimp) but I will commute to/from work if the temps are around freezing or higher which here in the Memphis area that means about 11 months out of the year.

For this, I run Aerostitch AD1 pants, thermal socks if it's on the cold side of my range, and a Warm & Safe 90 watt jacket liner under a Klim Latitude shell. I'll layer under that if it's very cold as the liner can get hot against the skin. Klim Vanguard GTX gloves plus grip and seat heating all work together to keep me nice and dry and toasty for my 30 minute commute every morning.

I recently acquired the W&S gear and absolutely love it all. The controller works perfectly. In researching heated gear, I immediately rejected any of the brands that had those attached, kludgy, buttons like the Firstgear does (I am generally a Firstgear fan though, just not their heated liners). I can fine-tune the heat with the W&S controller, and do so frequently as I ride, so I'm glad I didn't get one with two or three position switches as I'd be guaranteed to be too hot or too cold all the time with that setup.