1. C

    Little CBR300 dreaming BIG! Vancouver area Saddlesore

    Thinking of doing a little bit of a roadtrip sometime soon. A Saddlesore 1600. I've designed a bit of a 1800km, 20hrs ring route that almost reaches Banff. I could do back and forth but I do want to see more of BC while I'm out of the city. It starts from Burnaby, Hope, go up Coquihalla to...
  2. Steve Boone

    Thinking about a Border to Border next year

    Looking for some advice on a possible border to border next year. I am thinking about going from Nogales to Milk River, AB and would like some input from people who have done the B2B challenge. I have family and friends in Tucson, so this starting point is more out of convenience than anything...