Need a teammate for the Junior Butt! Help!

This year there is a 6 Day rally similar to the IBR( I think) known as the Junior Butt. Unfortunately (fortunately?) this rally requires a teammate. It is from the 26th of September to the 2nd of October. I am super excited to do it, Ive done a few 36 hour rallies and have always had a blast. If anyone is interested in being a teammate please respond or directly message me. About me:

Ill be on a 2019 650 XT. Ill be running a 4.5 Gallon Aux tank. I have a Cardo helmet communicator but could switch brands to talk to a teammate. I'm fairly comfortable doing 1000+ mile days. I don't travel at ludicrous speeds (last rally I rarely broke 80 mph except maybe for passing and still did 1500+ miles in about 32 hours and that included bonuses and sleeping). I'm pretty flexible with personalities after spending 5 1/2 years on submarines. We can discuss entrance fees and hotel/logistics I'm quite flexible. Preferably someone who has a little rally experience or has a good grasp of the concept.

Also, I'm not looking for a passenger, but someone that would also be on a bike. Here is the link to the rally site

Any takers?
Hi. My plans would be to be competitively fun. I'd take Friday off from work and arrive Saturday sometime. I may stop in Dallas and do some last minute bike prep (oil etc.) My dad lives in Dallas, has never met a stranger, and loves bikes. If you needed stuff done too I'm sure you could swing by.

As far as the rally. I've only done 36 hours ones. I have also always got the bonus locations at least 48 hours before. I will have a laptop with basecamp so we can use that for plotting. I'd prefer we both try and plot a course and then compare and discuss. If hotels the whole way make sense then hotels it is. I've also grabbed a few hours at a rest stop and then continued, I'm flexible.

If you want to talk feel free to give me a call. I live in Roanoke.

I might be interested please tell me more about your plans
I briefly described my plans a little better, I think. Did you have any specific questions? Also do you have any rally experience. I've done 3 36 hour rallies so this will be my first big rally.




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I have not done any rally in the past but I have ridden multiple 1000 mile days. But due to covid I have not done any 8n the past year. I live in Delaware so practice is not out of the question maybe we could try a couple of rides together and see if we mesh
Maaaaan I love everything about this thread.. ugh, I should post my own, huh? :D
Feel free to hijack this one. I posted on a few forums but got the quickest responses here. Also if you are doing the Junior or Senior Butt I think the organizers can also help with making teams. Good luck!