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Hi folks,

last year IBA Germany has organize the Magic-12 Rally.
This year an other Magic-12 is upcomming. The M12CH - 12h in Switzerland on 23 of September. I know that some of you take part of the the Iceni Rally on the same date - but there was no other date possible.

More information here: or check out the flyer (in german and english)

The theme of the Rally is "Cheese, Chocolate and Swissness" - all bonuspoints are in Switzerland.

Rally start will be between 5:30 and 6:30 am (your choice) and from where ever you want to start.
Finish will be in Lachen SZ - with a little summer-party including a food, drinks and the possibility for overnight sleeping.

So - also if you do not want to rally .. you all are very welcome “to come over just for a drink” :)
If there are questions - see you in San Marino or at the BBR.
At the moment we have 15 participants - at 50 we close.

Cheers, Peter and Conny

PS: There is a (mainly german Facebook Group with nice pictures ...)



CH, The Rally Country
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Places for the rally filled up now to 50%.
Half of them from Switzerland, other half Germany and Austria.
30% ride as a two up team.
Registration closed on 13.08 or maximum capacity is reached.
This is the unique chance to visit Switzerland and have B&B for 10€ (8.5£)