100CCC - Jan 2019

Dicky Knee

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having no previous personal experience with a 100CCC, but having watched others perform this amazing feat I am in awe at Martin's progress. He is now travelling thru areas that I am well versed with travel times etc. And his progress (in my opinion) is simple outstanding. Could be early to bed tonight.


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He was in good spirits when we spoke last night and he was slightly ahead of his plan - no comms so far today but we packed him up with frozen face washers and neck tubes to help manage the heat yesterday and apparently they worked well. Will provide updates as they become available
He looked pretty good when we saw him between Burra and Crystal Brook. I was only out for 200 kays and it cooked me.


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Watching here at work around midnight with the local temp at 27c. I hope it's cooler for Marty as the lads escort him safely to the west coast. Well done Martin!