2 years of ride - no update

No update for 2 years. Does it make sense to wait further? Did my ride in 2015 Nov. Feel free to reject Indian based rides but making someone wait to know the status for this long is not good. I am following up since a long time just because i know how much i have put efforts in it. Do you have my documentations? Do I even exist on your list?


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Maybe try PMing the admins?
We have, in fact, exchanged emails already.

I would also ask that complaints such as this one be directed to me or Mike, as opposed to being posted on the Forum. Posting here has absolutely no effect on the situation. Thanks.

FYI, Mike is in the process of establishing and IBA India to handle the increasing number of ride applications to help the situation.

Ira Agins
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@Ira . I had sent 2 emails one on August 15th and a follow up on September 8th as i was not clear on the 40 USD verification purchase part. I didn't receive response for both of them. That's why i posted on this forum.