saddlesore 1000

  1. N

    Saddlesore 1000 route review - california/nevada

    Hello Friends, Planned date for the ride is December 7th. Just sharing my ride plan to see if anyone got any reviews or any comments on the route. Appreciate your inputs. Bike is 2021 HD street glide standard Google maps ...
  2. The Eef Man

    SS1000 - First attempt at a verified ride. 5th - 6th September 2021

    Ride Report. Saddle Sore 1000 5th - 6th September 2021 Having heard about the Iron Butt association a number years ago, I’ve been intending to attempt a verified ride for a good long while now. I can’t really explain why it has taken me so long to attempt one, but I can procrastinate with the...
  3. Mike721

    SantaSore 1000

    I thought I was done with Iron Butt rides for the year, but then those ever so clever folks at Iron Butt headquarters dropped a challenge that I just could not refuse. A few weeks before Christmas they announced some new special theme rides, that can only be done once a year at Christmas time...
  4. N

    2 years of ride - no update

    No update for 2 years. Does it make sense to wait further? Did my ride in 2015 Nov. Feel free to reject Indian based rides but making someone wait to know the status for this long is not good. I am following up since a long time just because i know how much i have put efforts in it. Do you have...
  5. W

    DELMARVA Saddlesore Suggestions

    Hello, I recently returned to the US and now live on the DELMARVA peninsula. Can anyone recommend an approved SADDLESORE 1K or similar that includes the area I now live? Walter
  6. Alan Doak

    Hello from New Zealand

    Hello all IBA members - Alan (Skinny) Doak here - #62701. We're heading into summer down this end of the world so the motorcycles are getting a dust off, a spruce up, and the roads are starting to be travelled. I just completed a ride called the North Island 1600 (we're simple folk here - our...
  7. E

    International Saddlesore 1000 in the Pacific Northwest

    Hi. Even though I've been a member for many years, this is my first post to IBA. A bit of context: my brother and I completed this Saddlesore ride several years ago, but I waited to post this for reasons that will become apparent when you read the story. Although my brother clearly did...
  8. Hoagy

    Hoagy's Heroes June 8 - 11 SaddleSore week - WV, OH, PA

    By popular demand, Hoagy’s heroes have decided to ramp up the 2016 ride offerings! On June 8th through the 10th we have three exciting in-state IBA pre-approved routes: - West Virginia In-State 1000 (can be ridden 8th, 9th or 10th - your choice!) - Ohio In-State 1000 (can be ridden 8th...
  9. R

    In-state SaddleSore 1000 Routes

    Planning a route with the following characteristics: Does not leave the state of Virginia Beginning and ending in Virginia Beach, Va Runs along US 58 Can be safely completed in under 2o hrs