2020-09-26 Barnard Castle eye test


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Barnard Castle town sign (N54.54273 W1.92678) 12 noon followed by bring your own picnic on the banks of the river Tees (N54.53925 W1.92332)


In order to maintain social distancing, and because the supply of patches will be limited (you will want one!), you'll need to get your name on the list sooner rather than later. It won't involve anything difficult or dangerous, you won't need your passport or several changes of clothes. We're all rufty-tufty iron butt riders so a day's outing up and down the country will prove no problem and when the exact location is published there'll be an enormous rush so get in now.

1. Bob Stammers :cool:
2. Dave Badcock :cool:
3. Kim Leeson
4. Foster Smith
5. Sean Sowley :cool:
6. Jonathan Baker if he's not in Spain :cool:
7. Len Jubb :cool:
8. John Cunniffe :cool:
9. John Morning
10. Ian Murat :cool:
11/12. Graeme/Sally Dawson :cool: :cool:
14. Bob M (I don't know what the M stands for)
15. Martin Buck

13 Graeme Ferguson :cool:
14. Neil J. (I'm sorry, I don't know what the J stands for) :cool:
15. John R. (I'm sorry, I don't know what the R stands for) :cool:
16. Charlie McCrea :cool:
17. Paul C. (I'm sorry, I don't know what the C stands for) :cool:
18. Bob Badger :cool:
19. Andy Burnside
20. Dave Stig of the dump :cool:
21. Dave Howard :cool:
22. Martin (Lincoln) :cool:
23/24. Mark/Denise Collins
25/26. Daz/Holly Kirk
27/28. Ian Ransom/Lady Rachel
29. Gregg Barlow
30. FazerPhil :cool:
31. Gordon Sears :cool:
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Where we going mistah?
Will there be camping?
Can you make it a small patch i'm running out of space.
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End of September - no idea what else will be going on by then, but put me down for this anyway, please.



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This R2E is to be at the Barnard Castle Town sign at (N54.54273° W1.92678°) and individual or family bubble photos only will be taken by me (no group photos of any sort please to be published) from 12:00 to 12:30 to obtain a marvellous Barnard Castle R2E Dominic Cummings eyesight test patch (Sponsored equally between Bob Stammers and me), visual attached. The eating part will be at RV (N54.53925° W1.92332°) where toilets (300m away), and a large seating area where you can eat your own bait (this is a Geordie term for sandwiches, snap, picnic) maybe even fire up your JetBoil to be really rufty tufty.

I look forward to seeing you all and using my best Vulcan greeting wave, I will not be kissing, fist-bumping or elbow clashing as I am in the very vulnerable group of a fat old person.

I believe this to be a responsible R2E and understand it is incumbent upon us to mitigate any possible infection as we are travelling across large distances and meeting with possible infected sources which we do not intend to transport back to our locale. I may well smell of high alcohol gel and regularly don a face mask mainly to hide my angry face should I think any of you are not taking on board the seriousness of the pandemic.

A ride to eat is something we do. The ride part is easy to Social Distance and Stay Alert, all part of IPSGA, the eat part is more challenging so please do your best to do the right thing so we are free to do more of the same in the future. Barnard Castle has many food options all within easy walking distance of the park. The idea is to roll up from 11:30 at the RV point, then walk a couple hundred meters to the Town Sign and return to the RV to have social distance bait you either bring or buy in the town. The town will be busy so face masks are essential.

I have a GPX file and a local map with itinerary in this Dropbox folder: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/22i25z3hth1mnj2/AACfcfr2I08FnNlMYvx258i1a?dl=0

There is also a visual of the proposed patch which is a doozey if I do say so myself.