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I left at 0100 from Jax but I had planned a BBG at the same time. Didn't worry about Louisiana, but planned my ride with arrival in the Houston region by 1100 local time. It worked out successfully.
That's the kind of feedback I was looking for. Thanks. ;)

I spent years getting up at 2-3am, so I don't struggle with getting an early start. I just didn't know what other people have experienced about hitting the two regions in question at certain times of day.


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I was led to believe that while I was planning my 50cc, between 11a and 3p local time, there was no toll collections on the Interstate in the Houston region.

When I wen thru, it was fairly light traffic in the middle of the week. My plan worked out, just doing the simple arithmetic to compute when I needed to leave to get to Houston by noon.

I woke up a couple of hours earlier on go day. Instead of languishing in the bed, I packed up and headed west.


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There are no tolls on I-10 through Houston. If you're doing a 50cc, you are most likely to just take I-10 straight through Houston, so no need to worry about tolls. There is a portion of I-10 near Katy that has toll lanes if you really want to use them for some strange reason. Those toll lanes are also next to HOV lanes that allow motorcycles on them for free during both the morning and afternoon rush hours with wide margins for when you can use them. You have to go out of your way to get tolls when in Houston on a 50cc.

The only other toll road you might consider using is Beltway 8. It wraps completely around Houston and puts you going really far out of your way to get around the city. It's about another 30 miles or so. If you're using Beltway 8 on a 50cc, there are some very serious problems in Houston, like several dozen+ car pileups on several other roads. Both I-10 and I-610 would have to be shut down to make Beltway 8 fastest when going straight through. In fact, the north side and south side of the 610 loop would have to be shut down to make Beltway 8 faster. I-10 and 610 being shut down would make traffic on Beltway 8 pretty extreme, so you'd still make horrible time going through there. If that all happens, take it as a sign from the powers that be that you should just turn around and go home.

Just do like Kwthom and time it so you go through Houston at a decent hour and traffic won't be bad.

A common grouping of rides for PacNorWet IBA riders is to do a Border to Border ride down I-5, then get some sleep and do the 50CC from San Diego, CA to Jacksonville, FL. (I used to live in Portland, OR) It adds about 700 miles to your ride Vs the 50CC from Blaine to the New York coast, but adds a cert and gives you a more reasonable 50CC ride and a built in excuse to ride to San Diego. ;)
Or an I-5 E2E and if your feeling froggy, an I-10 E2E Gold. :)