A Warm-up for No. 50


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Congratulations - 50 rides, don't you ever stay at home! Loved the report and pics, sounds like just another walk in the park in far from ideal conditions. The warmer weather certainly adds another layer of complexity to any ride. A least you enjoyed a 'sprinkle' of rain. I'd reckon your ride fitness is in sync again ready for a decent ride and another 'Chery Ripe'.


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Congratulations on No. 50 Craig. That is an awesome riding effort and it has been (and continues to be) a pleasure reading your many ride reports covering your adventures. (Thanks for including me in some of those trips).

Now that the Physio certificate is on the wall, you can give yourself a good rub down and start planning the next 50. I hope to be around to follow your next outstanding set of adventures.


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It was nice to have a ride and a whinge. Might do it again next week. And Tele, I'm definitely not going to give myself a good rub-down, that would be a bit weird! :)


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Great read Wom and congrats on your 50. Personally ,when your seat grows teeth ,is the most fatiguing thing about these rides, long or short. I notice the averages are still there:)


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Nice one Craig. One quite eventful ride!
I agree with comments above regarding not underestimating these rides, especially when poor fitness and pain come into the mix.
Matters I am unfortunately too familiar with.
Shame about your ischial tuberosities though, I bet your gluteus was hurting to the maximus as well!
That 4.7 L/100km is pretty good mileage, compared to my old model getting about 21km/L ... ;)
Funny how we never used to measure in Gallons/100miles... just sayin'

Well done and looking forward to you getting back into riding regularly again!


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50, wow. And an 18 hour time frame. Most would be extremely happy with that lot. Reality has a strange way of infiltrating ones senses. I have a small sticker on my fridge, seems apt at this moment. Tough times don't last, tough people do. Looking forward to your continuation of LD ride reports.