Attendees for the Dedication

Will you be attending the IBA Australia Memorial Dedication on the 28/9/19?

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The Dedication is open for all IBA members, their partners and those that have had an IBA Rider who has "Ridden On".

To assist in the management of this dedication, including the number of patches we require, it is important that we know the number of participants who will be attending. Would you please do the following:
  • complete the poll above for each individual. Please note that we need confirmed attendees only
  • add the name of each attendee in a post below. If there are two or more of you please only use one post.
The poll will close on the 31/7/19, only those on the list, formed from the information below and attend on the day, will receive a patch.
Please do not use this thread for questions, instead post them up here
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