IBA Australian Memorial Site - Netallie Hill


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Finally, we almost have it.

A team have been working tirelessly for a few years in planning and finalising our IBA Australia Memorial Site.

Netallie Hill rest area, approximately 14 17 kilometres west of Wilcannia has been selected for this special location and has significance for us that will be explained at a later date.

Our first meeting will be a special dedication on 28th September 2019. This coincides with the American IBA Memorial ride conducted between 13th and 30th September 2019.

Attendees to this Dedication will receive a special, ‘one-off’ patch irrespective if they have completed an IBA ride on the day.

Riders wishing to complete a memorial ride must complete the IBA ride within the date window.

Nico will provide comprehensive details as the date approaches.
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Is there going to be a certain check in time on the 28th at the site?
No checkin time Frans.

The Dedication Service will be held probably just after midday on the 28/09/19. Nico will provide more information as the date draws closer as previously stated.

For those wishing to do an IBA ride; this can be completeit anywhere and completed anywhere within the prescribed date range adhering to IBA rules.

At this stage quite a few of us are staying Saturday night at Wilcannia o_O


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Unable to confirm my attendance until my work future becomes clearer in the next few months. A potential move to a new department and a new roster could put a dampner on my enthusiasm to participate.


Amended the poll to try and catch the +1's

There are a couple of parts in the first post of the Attendees for the Dedication thread -
  • please complete the poll for each individual - this will give us numbers without having to go through all the posts to count up people.
  • entering the name allows us all to see who is coming and also who will receive a patch.


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My part time work has been approved, but no agreed start date as yet. Start full time in my new role on 26 July and continue full time until "sometime in September" when there will be an agreement of some sort re my roster moving forward. They are critically short staffed at the moment. At this stage working 28/09 to 01/10, so no trip to Netallie on 28/09 unless I get lucky. New job, new department, so no leverage at this stage to negotiate for leave. Maybe best I can do is get there and back in the days before 28/09 to pay my respects.