Aussies @ IBR23 prep


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I felt fatigued after reading your report, I can't even begin to imagine what you two actually felt like. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. As I sit here in my warm kitchen having read about your highs and lows, the IBR seems as far-fetched a concept as travelling to Mars.
Congratulations on the ride you pulled off (14,500km in 10 days!) and your final decision-making.


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Like those above me I congratulate you both on your performance in the worlds toughest rally. Your presence of mind to recognise your failing capabilities was commendable. You made the toughest decision of all, continue or survive, great call. Looking forward to catching up when your both home in Aus. Cheers.

Steve Snell

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My write up is significantly longer and more ‘windy’ but for those interested all but Day 10 and the wrap up are here
Thanks for the write up & just wanted you to know that you were not alone in perceiving the flow of the river along i90 to be running uphill... that freaked me out for a while and I never figured it out.. just wrote it off to "I must be tired" and forgot about it until I read your recap... I'm glad someone else saw it the same way!!


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I just read your last couple of days report Piglet.

I really felt for you guys having to make the call to pull out of the IBR, from our own personal experiences of having to pull out of a few IBA rides, I know that decision is so bloody hard, disappointing, second guessing yourself, what if we just have a snooze etc etc and I say it takes "bigger balls" to pull the pin than to keep going when you are that fatigued. But you both made the correct call for that time, your safety is number 1, nothing else matters.

Thanks for the report Bec I really enjoyed the read.

Safe travels for you and Martin back to Australia.


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And here I was thinking that 12 days riding in India (and the Himalayas) was tough. An epic battle for you and the other IBA Rally combatants. Congratulations on the dedicated attempt. Awesome effort by you both. Sincere congratulations on what you did achieve across that 10 days.